GSN Review: Cruzan Single Barrel

cruzan-single-barrel-rum-new-bottle-176x394-176x394Cruzan Single Barrel is a unique blend of vintage rums that have been aged for up to 12 years. So, how can it be a single barrel if it is a blend?  The term “single barrel” refers to the fact that after its initial aging, the rum is handpicked and blended before it is barreled for a second time in new American oak barrels and slowly aged again. The rum is then bottled and individually numbered one cask at a time.

Cruzan Single Barrel (80 proof)
Visual: Dark orange-brown.
Nose: Deep vanilla caramel along with bright high notes of oak.  Creamy, candy-like sweetness.
Taste: Rich and intensely laden with barrel aging.  The rum serves as a canvas for the wood tonalities, and they serve the rum itself quite well.  Initially sweet, it then shifts to a more mid-range palette of spicy tannic goodness, ending with a dry and crisp finish.
Finish: Smooth and a quite fine sipper, this rum is also eminently mixable.
Overall: You can almost taste the sunshine.  Equal to any young aged Jamaican rums.  Well deserving of a space on any back bar.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Cruzan Rum


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