Imbibing Mr. Boston: Cape Codder Cocktail


A ubiquitous drink from the 1980’s?  Not really.  As Professor David Wondrich noted in an Esquire article from 2007, “Crosby Gaige, a New York bon vivant and man-about-the-theater, published his Standard Cocktail Guide in 1944. Right there on page 80 is a recipe for what he calls the Cape Cod Collins: Puerto Rican rum, cranberry juice, lime juice, soda. A rum Codder. Did Gaige invent it? We dunno, although he was prone to that sort of thing. If not, he caught it early, anyway: it’s highly unlikely that anyone could’ve made a Cape Codder before 1930, when Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail hit the market — cranberries aren’t the kind of thing you juice at home.”

True enough.  I’ve never juiced cranberries.

What makes this drink besides its lovely color and simplicity, is that it tastes damn good.  Always, always, always squeeze the lime into the drink to achieve the best result.  Oh, and use silver rum if you so desire.  Rum is more native to Cape Cod than vodka anyway.

Cape Codder
1.5oz vodka
5oz cranberry juice
Garnish: lime wedge

Pour into ice-filled highball glass. Stir well. Garnish with lime.


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