GSN Backbar Review: February 22-26, 2016

WidowsWalk2Rhode Island’s Newport Distilling Company is releasing a new over-proof unaged white rum, Widows Walk. Created with blackstrap molasses in a single pot still, Widows Walk (67.5% abv) is geared toward usage in cocktails. It can currently be found in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Illinois, retailing at $35 a 1-liter. Newport Distilling also makes Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum.

blue_nectar_tequilaBlue Nectar Spirits is introducing a new Founders’ Blend anejo Tequila. Created by father and son co-founders B. N. Bahadur and Nikhil Bahadur and master blender Guillermo Garcia-Lay from estate-grown blue agave from the lowland region of Jalisco, the añejo offering (40%-abv) is aged between one and two years and blended with limited-production extra anejo Tequila. It’s available in select U.S. markets, retailing at about $59.99. The small-batch Blue Nectar Tequila brand also includes Silver, Reposado Extra Blend and Reposado Special Craft.

AH-Vizcaya-Black-Rum-Bottle-144x320A. Hardy USA is rolling out a new small-batch rum from the Dominican Republic, Vizcaya Black Rum, in the U.S. market. Crafted using the traditional Guarapa method with pressed sugar cane juices, the 40%-abv offering is aged for 12 to 21 years in charred oak barrels. A. Hardy says the rum is meant to serve the growing demand for black rums in the U.S., as seen in the tiki cocktail trend. Vizcaya Black Rum is available nationwide at $28.99 a 750-ml. bottle.

No1FrenchOakBottleTrinidad’s House of Angostura is releasing No. 1 Once Used French Oak, a new limited edition within its Cask Collection series of rums aged in specialty casks. The 40%-abv offering is a 16-year-old blend, aged for a minimum of 10 years in American oak casks and then finished for an additional six years in French oak casks previously used for aging Cognac. 15,030 bottles of Angostura No. 1 Once Used French Oak are being released worldwide, with the bottling retailing at $95-$100 in the U.S.

2016-02-23-11-04-patoucognac_cropped_90New York-based wine and spirits importer Simone International is rolling out a new Cognac range under the Pierre Patou brand. Pierre Patou Cognac is initially debuting in New York, New Jersey, Florida and Maryland. The brand includes four 40%-abv entries—a VS ($24.99), VSOP ($29.99), XO ($49.99) and XO Black ($59.99).

MK4NP6PCVermont-based Silo Distillery has launched a new Cucumber vodka, retailing at $30 a bottle. The new offering is currently available in Vermont and Connecticut, and will expand to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine this spring, handled by Horizon Beverage. Distribution is expected to expand to New York shortly as well. Made with Vermont corn vodka and peeled cucumbers, Silo Cucumber joins the distillery’s existing vodka and Bourbon entries.

Pogues-whiskey-white-miniM.S. Walker has partnered with Celtic punk rockers The Pogues to launch a new Irish whiskey brand in the U.S. The Pogues Irish whiskey is produced by Co. Cork, Ireland’s West Cork Distillers and features a blend of 50% 10-year-old single malt Irish whiskey aged in Sherry casks and 50% 5- to 7-year-old Irish grain whiskey aged in Bourbon oak casks. The 40%-abv offering retails at around $40 a 750-ml. M.S. Walker also handles West Cork Distillers’ Original Classic Blend and 10-Year Single Malt Irish whiskies and Glory Irish Poitín in the U.S.

058893-1Proximo Spirits has recently introduced a new Sparkling Paloma flavor under Jose Cuervo’s RTD Margarita range. Retailing at $7.99 a four-pack of 6.8-ounce cans, Cuervo’s Sparkling Paloma seeks to capitalize on the trend toward grapefruit-flavored offerings across the drinks market. Jose Cuervo’s canned Sparkling Palomas are 8% abv.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily


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