GSN Review: Collaboration Whiskey

bbcw2016A collaboration in the truest sense, this one of a kind spirit is made from hand-selected bottles of the finest whiskeys from Rochester’s Black Button Distilling and the O’Begley Distillery. Chosen by their respective head distillers, the whiskeys were blended together, remarried in wooden casks and set to age together until the ideal marriage of flavors was reached.

“Black Button and O’Begley have grown up alongside each other in Rochester,” said Jason Barrett, Black Button Distilling Owner/Head Distiller. “What I love most about craft distilling is that we come together as a community to help each other. To put our collective skills together for this unique blend of whiskey has been a great learning experience and an opportunity to bring a unique bottling to the Rochester community,” he said.

“Prior to prohibition, Western New York had a long history of distilling, which has largely disappeared for the past 80 years. By working together, we are slowly restoring those traditions of local agriculture and quality craftsmanship that are the foundation of our community,” said Adam Begley of O’Begley Distillery.

Collaboration Whiskey (84 proof)
Visual: Darkening copper.
Nose: Cut apple, wood smoke, dried maple leaf, roasted corn husk, sawn oak.
Taste: Intense wood burn with touches of cinnamon stick, black tea, deep char and a slight hint of dry sherry.
Finish: Medium long with a curiously dry and tannic sweetness.
Overall: A pretty straightforward youngish whiskey.  It might have done with a few more years of aging to smooth out the rough edges, but overall it is a whiskey the GSN offices have been reaching for this past week on a daily basis.  With the beer industry working together to develop special editions between breweries, I like to see this collaboration in the craft spirits community.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Black Button

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