GSN Review: Don Q 2005 Single Barrel Rum


Having traveled to Destilería Serrallés in Puerto Rico (see the review from 2011), I found myself reminiscing about my visit to their warehouse after receiving a bottle of their new limited edition recently.  Don Q Single Barrel 2005 is a ten-year old aged rum bottled from single barrel stock. Master Distiller Silvia Santiago uses traditional molasses along with proprietary yeast and distills the blend in a five chamber column still, creating what is termed a “dry aged rum”.

Only 6,000 bottles of the Don Q Signature Barrel Rum will be launched with only 3,000 to the US and Puerto Rico and the remaining destined for Europe.  These launches are a part of a planned series of releases beginning with the 2005 vintage and then a 2007 single barrel variant will debut next year.

Don Q 2005 Single Barrel (80 proof)
Visual: Pale gold.
Nose: Quite light and almost fruity with a grassy, pineapple note.
Taste: Again, quite light and subdued.  Surprising for a decade aged rum.  This is not a powerhouse of flavor, but rather an elegant portrait of the marriage of rum distillate and the barrel.  And yes, it is rather dry.
Finish: Medium short with the rum character itself tailing off rather quickly, and a tight salted caramel ending bringing things to a close.
Overall: Unique in the Don Q family, this rum is excellent for anjeo forward cocktails that call for a certain reservedness.  This will also do fine on its own with a single large cube as you might serve a Highland Scotch.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Don Q

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