GSN Review: Bellion Vodka


Almost every day the GSN desk gets sent a sample of a new vodka.  Everything from breakfast cereal and candy flavors, to oddballs like tobacco, bacon or hemp infused. Bellion, however is in an entirely new category – called “functional spirits” – booze with health benefits. Not surprisingly, the US government has some issues with this claim. So, Bellion Vodka filed a petition against the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to enable them to communicate this information to consumers.

A team of well-backed PhD’s have developed, tested and proven this unusual claim over the past 10 years. There is a safer way to consume alcohol that won’t harm your liver and further reduces DNA damage. It’s backed by all of the scientific data that you could ask for. Plus, it’s been independently reviewed by scholars and has U.S. issued patents.

Julie Wilson from reported on this new technology last December: “Developed by Chigurupati Technologies, NTX was contrived through a multi-million dollar eight-year project completed by a team of pharmaceutical PhDs hoping to make the “drinking experience smarter,” according to

Founded in 2006 by Harsha Chigurupati, a young entrepreneur from Hyderabad, India, who was raised in a family of scientists, pharmacists and physicians, Chigurupati Technologies first sought to eliminate the side-effects of over-the-counter drugs before dabbling in the alcoholic beverage industry.

The innovative molecule is “Scientific, preventative and recreational all at the same time—while protecting the liver,” Chigurupati told the Tasting Panel Magazine last year. Human study trial results showed that NTX massively reduced harmful effects on the liver by up to 93 percent.

Using a “proprietary blend of ingredients” designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), NTX works by shielding your liver from the harmful effects of consuming alcohol, without comprising a beverage’s taste. While the pharma company has not fully disclosed its product’s ingredients, we do know that licorice root and sugar alcohol are some of its key components.

NTX can be infused into several types of alcohol, but is currently designed to “evolve distilled spirits.” The first company to utilize this breakthrough technology is Bellion Vodka, developing what they call “the first functional spirit on the planet.””

But how does it taste?  Read on…

Bellion Vodka (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Sweet, almost malty notes with dry minerality.  Some peppermint and anise.
Taste: Ultra sweet saccharine taste, quite artificial and cloying.  If you’ve ever had Splenda, you know what I’m taking about.  The vodka itself is buried underneath a patina of the kind of sweetness you find in licorice tea.
Finish: What can I say?  It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  After fifteen minutes, I’m looking for something to cleanse my palate.
Overall: Sad to say, but whatever they’ve done to this vodka makes it virtually undrinkable.  If mixed into a soda, juice or sourmix based cocktail, the sweetness level goes over the top.  I love the idea behind the science, but in the end this is just another flavored vodka, albeit one that has no redeeming qualities in flavor.
GSN Rating: F

For more information go to: Bellion Vodka



2 thoughts on “GSN Review: Bellion Vodka

  1. Bellion Vodka is the worst vodka I have ever tried. I would rather die of liver failure than have to suffer through drinking that puke-inducing, sweet tasting concoction.
    Why don’t they just sell the health ingredients and let us take that with our own vodka choice.

    • Agreed. It is by far the most undrinkable vodka I’ve ever had. Surprisingly, the company that makes NTX just sent out a press release last week stating that there will be a tequila, whiskey and gin available soon. The ingredients in NTX are (Glycyrrhizin -Licorice Root Extract, Mannitol and Potassium Sorbate).

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