GSN Review: Bourbon Barreled Big Gin


After a combined 25 years in the bar & restaurant industry, husband/wife team Holly Robinson & Ben Capdevielle set out to distill a line of gin designed for people who enjoy the taste of juniper. Distiller owned & family operated Captive Spirits has made a name for itself as a leading gin company, both nationally and internationally recognized, consistently being ranked in top honors by both peers & gin lovers, alike. Big Gin & it’s Bourbon Barreled counterpart have become back-bar staples, across the US & beyond. Creating a legacy by making quality & consistent spirits for gin lovers is what Captive Spirits Distilling is all about.

Bourbon Barreled Big Gin (94 proof)
Visual: Ultra pale gold.
Nose: Dark and spicy juniper with a ceiling of fresh lemon oil.  Refreshing, engaging and mouth-watering.
Taste: Chewy and unusual with a body that carries a lot of subtlety.  The botanicals are held in check somewhat by the woody and slightly nutty quality of the bourbon barrel aging.  I’m reminded of old school gins from the 1800’s that have a more “crafty” flavor and yet still retain true to form.
Finish: Fairly long with some of the citrus peeking out towards the end and a lush creaminess that is akin to lemon creme pie.
Overall: A unique gin that will work in just about any capacity.  It holds its own readily and still plays well with others in a gin forward cocktail or punch.  Great stuff!
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Captive Spirits Distilling


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