GSN Review: Elation Hemp Flavored Vodka


However you feel about it, flavored vodka is here to stay. And it was inevitable that a marijuana or hemp flavored version would be released. Co-Founder and President of Swiss Vodka Inc., Macsen Apollo, says, “Elation hemp flavored vodka was created with love, hard work, and patience. We crafted a very high-end grain vodka three times distilled and ten times filtered. Flavored with the hemp fields of Switzerland.”

Elation Vodka is made is produced and manufactured in Winterthur, Switzerland using a wheat and rye based spirit. While other hemp vodkas use hemp seeds, Elation uses blossoms from the finest Swiss hemp to flavor the vodka. There is no residual THC in the final product however. This may or may not disappoint the drinker.

Elation Hemp Flavored Vodka (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Grassy, herbal and hemp plant nose. I’m reminded of Buffalo Grass or South American exotic hardwoods.
Taste: Mild and delicate hemp flavor adds a high note (no pun intended) to the deeper, yet solid vodka base. This is not a powerhouse of hemp character by any means, but more of a subtle essence that lingers over the tongue.
Finish: Medium long, but with ghostly hemp pockets that appear and disappear on and off again over a few minutes.
Overall: A solid vodka that takes what could be a novelty flavor and elevates it.  Hence, the name.  There are a myriad of uses for this in cocktails. Give it a try in your next Martini.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Elation Vodka

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