What’s Brewing: Sapporo Premium Black


Sapporo Premium Black is a lager that marks Sapporo’s foray into the world of dark beer. Created from select barley and hops, Sapporo Premium Black is 5% ABV and packaged in a distinctly designed variation of Sapporo’s signature 22oz. steel can, embodying the same combination of cutting edge style and time-honored tradition that has defined Sapporo for 140 years.

Sapporo Black
Flavor- Similar to a brown lager.  Malt is noticeable, but not overbearing.  There is a rich sweetness that carries throughout the palate.  Caramel with a slight roasted character.
Aroma- Caramel malt with a sweet underlying presence,
Mouthfeel- Thin and watery, but smooth.
Body- Light to medium body. Quite drinkable.
Head/Lacing- Thin head, nearly no distinguishable lacing.
Hop profile- Very low hop presence.
Malt profile- Rich caramel.
Color- Deep molasses.
Carbonation- Low carbonation.  A little more would help with carrying the more nuanced flavors.
Rating- 3.2/5

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew


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