GSN Review: Crafted Life for Distillers & Consumers

craftedlifeFounded in 2015, Crafted Life, based in Bend, Oregon recently announced the launch of an online sales program of America’s finest craft spirits for in-home delivery. Crafted Life contracted with Park Street – a national spirits distributor and Passion Spirits – an online spirits sales and shipping provider to create a network that allows consumers to purchase some of America’s hard-to-find craft spirits and have them delivered directly to their homes.

Normally, spirits are distributed via a complex, three-tier system comprised of distilleries, distributors and liquor stores. This system is a throwback to prohibition, and makes it very costly for craft distilleries to build distribution. This means that many of America’s small batch craft spirits are only available in the states where they are distilled. Crafted Life is changing this by offering craft distilleries access to national distribution and online sales.

“Demand for craft spirits has exploded over the last five years”, said John Stafford, co-founder of Crafted Life. “We saw an opportunity to bring the best craft spirits direct to the consumer – something that no other company in the spirits industry is doing”, said Stafford.

“Many of the distilleries we’re working with offer award-winning spirits”, said Matthew Bowler, co-founder of Crafted Life. “Working with Park Street and Passion Spirits we are able to connect artisan distillers with consumers around the country – at a fraction of what it would normally cost a distillery”, said Bowler. “And with free shipping for the purchase of three bottles we’re looking to level the playing field for the artisan distiller.”

The GSN offices were offered the opportunity to try this service out and we received a bottle of Stein Straight Rye Whiskey from Joseph, Oregon. Look for the review of the spirit tomorrow.  The delivery went off without a hitch and we were intrigued by the wide variety of spirits available.  Everything from whiskies, vodkas, gins, rums and modifiers such as absinthe, liqueurs and vermouths.

 For more information go to: Crafted Life


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