GSN Review: Frey Ranch Reserve Absinthe


Frey Ranch estate distillery produces gin, vodka, bourbon whiskey, absinthe and other spirits using grains grown, distilled, malted and bottled on the historic, 1,200-acre Frey ranch. The 4,000 square-foot distillery is located on a 1,200-acre plantation owned and operated by the Frey family. With roots dating back to the 1850’s, the Freys have been farming grains including wheat, corn, barley, rye and alfalfa in Nevada for more than a century.

Their Reserve Absinthe is crafted using estate grown grain and a blend of botanicals sourced from around the world. They distill and soak 11 different herbs including Pontica Wormwood and Grand Wormwood for 35 days. The extraction of herbal oils creates a natural green hue found in the classic style of European absinthes.

The GSN offices received a bottle made from their first run.

Frey Ranch Reserve Absinthe (120 proof)
Visual: Yellow-green.
Nose: Heavy anise, with a touch of buttery Buffalo Grass funk.
Taste: Slightly bitter (as proper), quite sweet and herbal with a massive dose of anise, licorice and similar spice. The Wormwood keeps things from going off the deep end, and reigns in the over sweet tendencies.
Finish: Long and with a bit of fire way on the back palate, lingering sweet anise and a dry herbality.
Overall: A servicable absinthe made in the New World style.  Oddly though, when adding water, the louching effect is minimal, which makes me think that there is less oil in this than the usual absinthes made in Europe.  Still, it’s not all about effect, but taste.  A fine first effort
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Frey Ranch

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