GSN Review: HyperChiller


The HyperChiller is the invention of Nick Anusbigian, an iced coffee lover, who tried making ice coffee at home with cold brew and pour over ice recipes. After deciding neither of these methods were convenient or easy, he went back to spending time and money everyday buying ice coffee from the coffee shop.

As Nick said, “I came up with the HyperChiller when my wife, Julie, got me a Keurig for Christmas in 2014. This came out of my frustration, which I know many of you share, of trying to make great iced coffee quickly at home.”

After experimenting with prototypes and developing a detailed specification he took to Kickstarter to fund the production of the first run of HyperChiller. Since then the product has taken off, with tens of thousands of HyperChiller sold around the world and with coverage in Oprah Magazine, Ask Men, Maxim, Uncrate and other press outlets.

But, this is not just for coffee, it can also chill wine, spirits and cocktails very quickly.  Just be aware that if you do make a cocktail, you’ll have to add water to account for the usual 20% dilution when shaking or stirring a drink with ice.  Unless of course, you like really string cocktails.

HyperChiller Review: We tried this around the office this week with coffee, wine and whiskey.  It works as advertised and does it well.  The set up of the system is super easy and needs only to be done once  month to keep things fresh.  The only drawback is that it takes 12 hours to bring the Hyperchiller to the desired temperature. So, if using with freshly brewed coffee, you’re only going to get one serving every 12 hours.  That being said, it works much better with room temperature liquids like wine and spirits, liqueurs, or juices. Just pop it back in the freezer for a few hours and it is ready to go again. The design is well done and it’s a handy item to have on hand in the freezer if you are an iced coffee fanatic or if someone stops by unexpectedly for a glass of wine and you don’t happen to have a bottle chilling in the refrigerator. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: HyperChiller


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