GSN Review: Don Q 2007 Signature Release Single Barrel

Serrallés distillery recently debuted the second in a series of the exclusive “Barrica Única” Signature Release, a limited edition rum aging for the past nine years in American white oak barrels.

This collectible rum has a limited distribution of 36,000 numbered bottles, for the local Puerto Rican market, as well as the North American and European markets. In Puerto Rico, the product is available exclusively through Serrallés Distillery and can be purchased in special locations around the Island, including Oil and Vinegar in The Mall of San Juan, among others.

“This collection of rums offers a window into the versatility of our team of rum masters in producing rums that have nothing to envy against the best Scottish whiskeys or Cognac brandy,” said Roberto J. Serrallés, Vice President of Development Business of Distillery Serrallés, and member of the sixth generation of the company.

“Each bottle we distill brings with it the inheritance, passion and commitment of the Serrallés family to offer our consumers exceptional rums to share in the most special moments of life, such as Christmas. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

For 151 years, Serrallés Distillery has maintained its tradition of excellence in the production of exceptional rums in Puerto Rico, being these recognized among the best in the world. Its leading brand, Don Q, produced in Mercedita is the premium rum of Puerto Rico and the best-selling on the Island.

Don Q 2007 Signature Release Single Barrel (80 proof)
Visual: Dark gold
Nose: Rich and deep oak nose with a lighter layer of sweet vanilla-caramel.  Very much in the Don Q style.
Taste: Initially slightly sweet, but quite dry with a vanilla bean accent developing suddenly, then turning to a woody oak char that cleanses the palate. Closer in character to some Jamaican rums than I was expecting.  Fine, direct and perfect for a rum old-fashioned.
Finish: Medium long, with some sugar syrup flavors again bringing things full circle with an impression of sweetness.
Overall: Another great rum from Don Q.  I’d say that the 2007 is even more intriguing than the 2005.  If you have a bottle of each, try it and see what I mean.  There is more here than expected.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Don Q

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