GSN Book Review: Guide to the Cocktail Galaxy by Andy Heidel


Andy Heidel immediately creates a welcoming atmosphere in his book with the line “Making drinks should be fun. Drinking them? Even more fun”. Guide to the Cocktail Galaxy is a whirlwind of recipes, anecdotes, hints, and much much more. Heidel invites seasoned professionals, social drinkers, and amateurs to try their hand at mixing one of over 100 geek-themed concoctions. From fan favorites such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars to the underground followings of Farscape or Lost in Space, Heidel includes a unique cocktail creation or variation on a classic for you. You are  welcomed on the first page just as kindly as if you were to visit the famous Doctor Who Bar in Brooklyn, NY [The Way Station].

Heidel seamlessly weaves humor throughout with personal stories about his first “cocktail” to the mobile bar he created in high school. We here at Good Spirits News enjoyed reading about each cocktail and it’s creation, and we enjoyed tasting some of these cocktails even more! The book is equal parts mixology and hilarity with a heavy dash of geek thrown in.  However, the garnish on top of everything are the clever comments included with each recipe. If you explore Heidel’s world of spirits and liquors, he will “entertain and educate you along the way”. As the Doctor would say, “Geronimo!”

Review by Autumn Ellen Rose

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