GSN Review: Westland Distillery’s 2017 Peat Week Commemorative Bottlings

American Single Malt producer, Westland Distillery, will celebrate its fourth annual Peat Week, taking place Monday, October 2, through Saturday, October 7, by offering three unique sideshow-themed Peat Week commemorative bottles: Phenostrus, The Demon of the Bog; Mistress Miasma, The Vixen of Vapor, and Spinther, The Man of Fire – each available nationwide.

“This release is composed entirely of Heavily Peated Distiller’s Malt from Bairds,” says master distiller Matt Hofmann. “The marrying of five new American oak casks with two ex-Bourbon casks, resulted in the perfect balance of heavy smoke lifted by the right amount of sweetness.”

This special release is cask matured for 36-56 months and bottled at cask strength.  There are a total of 1,500 bottles available.

2017 Peat Week Bottling (108.8 proof)
Visual: Rich gold.
Nose: As expected, quite peaty. A smoked cinnamon, butterscotch, oak char trio makes for an unusually unique nose.
Taste: Malty with a medium-heavy smoked peat character, but balanced with a keen and sly sweet note from the ex-Bourbon aging.
Finish: Long, with a back and forth match between the young oak and the elder oak, and ending with a burst of cinnamon stick.
Overall: It’s the best of both worlds: Scotch style peatiness and American Bourbon style sweetness. This makes for a tasty and interesting spirit.  A splash of branch water opens up the warmth and charm of this special limited edition from the great Westland Distillery. Recommended.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Westland Distillery

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