GSN Presents: The 2017 Advent Gift Guide – Day 14

Punch is the highlight for today’s Advent Gift suggestion; and who knows more about punch than spirits historian and author David Wondrich? Produced with industry barware purveyors Cocktail Kingdom this is a gorgeous 18th century-styled triumverate. The centerpiece, a white stoneware bowl, is adorned with a quote from Cicero, “Edamus bibamus gaudeamus. Post mortem nulla voluptas,”, or for those of you who didn’t take Latin in school “Let us eat, drink, enjoy life, after death there is no pleasure.” It’s perfectly complemented by the Captain Morris ladle and eight Georgian-era stemmed glasses.

The entire set is available for only $129.99, a savings of $55 off the separate items.

Get yours for the holiday season and years to come at Cocktail Kingdom


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