GSN Review: Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum

Chocolate has captivated humanity with its exotic flavor and sensuous mouth feel. It has been in Mexican culture since the Mayans and is something that’s deeply embedded in the people and the history of Mexico. Its scientific name (Theobroma Cacao) translates to the Food of the Gods and is one of Mexico’s many culinary gifts to the world. Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum was inspired by ancient recipes used by Mayan and Aztec Emperors. It is a small batch, hand crafted spirit made at an old family owned distillery in Chiapas. Rich, full-bodied, five-year-old rum is infused with locally sourced, decadently dark, slow roasted Cacao. The delicate infusion process enhances the natural qualities of the aged rum, allowing the chocolate and rum to exist in perfect balance. Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum with the essence of coffee and butterscotch on the nose, the echo of dark chocolate is restrained but solidly present in the bouquet. This flavored namesake comes to the forefront on the first sip, layered with a back note of Bing cherry and cream soda.

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum was developed by founder, Kim Brandi, in her quest to bring the finest aged rum infused with the most decadent dark chocolate to the United States. To hold this world-class rum a shrunken head monkey vessel was developed to compliment Deadhead Rum’s flagship brand.

Kim Brandi explains the idea of the new bottle. “The shrunken head monkey vessel housing our dark chocolate rum pays homage to the ancient spiritual beliefs of the Maya and Aztec cultures. Monkeys, as depicted in pre-Colombian legends and art, are often juxtaposed with Cacao. A shrunken head monkey is a vessel befitting rum infused with Cacao.”

The most challenging aspect of developing the new bottle was to retain the integrity of the brand while changing it completely. “We turned to artist and sculptor Rodney McLellan, known as Odd Rodney, Arizona who, recognizing the significance of branding, diligently worked to help us bring the shrunken head monkey to life,” said Kim. “With his help, our new bottle began its journey from concepts to become a complimenting line expansion of the Deadhead Rum brand; true to form with its eyes and mouth sewn shut with natural hemp lacings and a scar, from ear to ear on the back of its head.”

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum (70 proof)
Visual: Clear peach.
Nose: Cocoa and spice. Very much a dessert nose, but not cloying in the least.
Taste: Well balanced flavor between the aged rum and the chocolate characters. Slightly grainy mouthfeel, with a dry and pointed finish.
Finish: Long, with the cocoa flavor going on and on. Very little sweetness here.
Overall: This has to be the best chocolate flavored rum I’ve ever had. Not candy-like. but natural and very much a rum.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Deadhead Rum


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