GSN Review: Paperless Post

As a bar or restaurant owner, you have to keep up with technology in order to keep your customers happy and returning.  One of the best ways is to create a mailing list and send out regular newsletters or updates on the specials and events taking place at your venue.  For extra special occasions, a new way to reach those loyal customers is by using an online service called paperless Post.

With this service, you can create elegant, fun and eye-catching notes, letters, and stationary with custom graphics for any event. There is a vast collection of designs and images, plus many suggestions for occasions on which to send your creations. Everything from anniversaries to holidays and “just because”.  You can also set up RSVP’s or include links to a website.

The website interface takes a little getting used to, but after about 10 minutes, I had a handle on things and was able to send a test invitation to myself to preview how it will look to a recipient.  I simply chose a background, a few graphics, and then typed my text.  I was able to try out different fonts and sizes to see which best presented itself.


The service is not free, nor is it a subscription.  Rather, you purchase virtual coins which can be used to purchase your products.  All of the various options show you how many coins each virtual piece of mail will cost, so you can easily see how many you will use beforehand.

You will need to have email addresses in order to send the cards or letters.  You can add them manually, import your .csv file, or even create a link to your address book.  Even better, you can schedule when you’d like the email to be sent, so that for instance, you can do the work of getting a Mother’s Day Brunch card ready to send days or weeks beforehand and have it send to your customers on the date you choose.


For more information go to: Paperless Post

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