GSN Review: McKenzie Single Barrel Bourbon – Lucky Hare Collaboration

Finger Lakes Distilling, located in beautiful Central New York, recently announced a new whiskey that was made in collaboration with their friends from Lucky Hare Brewing. A few months ago, FLD lent them two barrels that held McKenzie Pure Pot Still Whiskey. They filled them with Russian Imperial Stout and let them rest for a bit. When it was finished, they had a new whiskey barrel-aged stout, cleverly named I Am The Liquor, and FLD had two new barrels to play with. They selected a special high-rye bourbon that would pair well with the stout and transferred it to the beer barrels. After monitoring the barrels for a few weeks, they bottled it for the latest McKenzie Single Barrel release. Supplies are very limited and only available at the distillery located in Burdett, NY.

McKenzie Single Barrel Bourbon (90 proof)
Visual: Dark copper.
Nose: Dark and mysterious depths of burnt sugar, slightly charred malt, and maple hardwood balanced with a softened rye spice nose. This is a bourbon to contemplate.
Taste: At first sip, the stout flavor comes through with an almost chewy, brown beard-like character, this is followed up with a slightly bitter molasses character, that intermingles with the spice kick of the rye. Holding everything together is a beautifully rounded bourbon base that smooths everything out.
Finish: Long with a curious sarsaparilla finish.
Overall: An unusual experiment that somehow is greater than the sum of its parts. The stout complements the bourbon, and visa versa. Seek this out if you can.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Finger Lakes Distilling

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