GSN Review: Amaro Montenegro

Amaro Montenegro was created in 1885 from a secret recipe of 40 botanicals. These are collected from around the globe, preserved at a controlled temperature and humidity, and crushed only moments before they enter the extraction phase. Three different methods are used to extract the essence of each botanical: boiling, maceration, and distillation to create Amaro Montenegro’s signature blend. This process is overseen by Master Herbalist, Dr. Matteo Bonoli, who oversees every batch just as the brand’s founder, Stanislao Cobianchi, did back in 1885.

The name pays homage to the second queen of Italy, Princess Helen of Montenegro and was served during her marriage to Italy’s King Victor Emmanuel III in 1896. Montenegro is produced in Bologna, Italy using the same process that was practiced more than 130 years ago.

Montenegro Amaro Italiano (23% abv)
Visual: Medium-light brown.
Nose: Very much in line with an amaro, full and dark with herbality. It awakens the senses and appetite.
Taste: Initially sweet with burnt caramel, this quickly fades into a dry bitterness that never overwhelms.  Akin to a more viscous sweet vermouth.
Finish: Long, with both the sweet and the bitter fading together.
Overall: Perfect for a an afternoon beverage on ice with an orange twist, this is also eminently mixable in cocktails. Really, a great amaro.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Amaro Montenegro

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