GSN Review: Lock Stock & Barrel 18 Whiskey

The Cooper Spirits Co., recently announced today the launch of Lock Stock & Barrel 18-Year Straight Rye Whiskey. The third and newest release in the Lock Stock & Barrel series, the 18-year is double distilled from an unusual mash bill of 100 percent rye grain. A “robust cut” is selected by master distillers, then the unfiltered spirit is aged in new charred American Oak barrels in cold weather for 18 years and bottled at 109 proof.

“At 18 years of age, this limited release is one of the oldest rye whiskies available today.” said Robyn Greene, SVP of Marketing and Innovation at The Cooper Spirits Company.

The Cooper Spirits Co. based in Philadelphia, PA and founded in 2006 by the late Robert J. Cooper, a third-generation distiller, is an independent producer of innovative, integrity-driven spirits. The company was founded with the introduction of St-Germain, an artisanal French liqueur made from fresh elderflower blossoms, heralded as one of the most influential cocktail components of the last decade by the New York Times.

Lock Stock & Barrel 18 Whiskey (109 proof)
Visual: Medium gold.
Nose: Finely appointed ethereal nose of oak stave, rye spice and mild char.
Taste: A huge kick of rye spice comes out of the gate and leads toward a fairly deep oak character. Despite the extra years in the cask, the whiskey is still quite balanced and not overdone by any means. There is a tightness to the package that breathes when opened up with a splash of water.
Finish: Long, with some sweet notes peeking out at the tail end.
Overall: A rare find indeed. Unique, flavorful and very well done.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Lock, Stock and Barrel Spirits

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