GSN Review: Booker’s Batch 2018-02 “Backyard BBQ”

The first Booker’s Batch release of 2018, Booker’s “Backyard BBQ” is named in tribute to Booker Noe and his love for hosting good, old-fashioned cookouts for friends, family, neighbors and distillery employees in his own backyard in Bardstown, KY. Booker always made sure his “Bourbon-ques” were complete with plenty of good bourbon and enough of his sizzling flambéed pork chops to go around. A cookout by Booker wasn’t complete without them! Today, Fred Noe and his son, Freddie, carry on this tradition and host their own “Bourbon-ques” — with bourbon and flambéed pork chops, of course — throughout the summer for all to enjoy. Like all of Booker’s batches, Booker’s “Backyard BBQ” was selected by Fred Noe, bottled uncut at its natural proof and age of 6 years, 2 months and 10 days.

Backyard BBQ (128.8 proof)
Visual: Dark amber.
Nose: Rich, deep and evocative with a sharp oak char tang. To me, there is a warm ,summery essence that is somehow captured in the bottle.
Taste: A dry and tannic start leads into a sweeter caramel flavor that again moves on to a broader and slightly spicy finish. Baking spice, slight vanilla, hefty oak, and a body that resonates with southern charm.
Finish: Long. A sip or two will do you every ten minutes or so. This is a bourbon to linger over.
Overall: If there was ever a bourbon designed to go with grilled meats, this one is it. Just make sure you water it down a bit, we don’t want you too relaxed and letting the ribs burn. 😉
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Booker’s Bourbon

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