What’s Brewing: Green Flash Brewing

Green Flash is an award-winning craft brewery founded in 2002. Today, Brewmaster Erik Jensen leads brewing operations with unconventional ingredients and an obsession over every detail of the brewing process.  Based in San Diego, Green Flash remains independently owned and operated and produces an eclectic lineup of specialty craft beer. It runs a full-scale brewery and tasting room in San Diego and has recently opened a brewhouse and eatery in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As Green Flash’s first full-scale restaurant, the new location will serve fresh Green Flash and Alpine beer, as well as a full menu of dishes highlighting fresh and seasonal ingredients, including various vegetarian options.  The new brewery will be used to experiment and innovate, providing Lincoln with exclusive Green Flash offerings.  The restaurant currently has 25 employees running the restaurant and brewery operations. The Green Flash Brewhouse & Eatery is the company’s fourth location in the U.S.

Green Flash sent us an excellent selection of their beers for review.

GFB: Bright blonde ale with a light straw color. Very easy to drink, with a nice flavor. Tastes toasted, with a good clean finish.

Passion Fruit Kicker: Very aromatic with fruit notes throughout the entire experience. Starts off very fruity with the wheat coming in later, and finally finishing again with a strong fruit flavor. Sweet, but not sugary. Wheat flavor is nice, and although the fruit flavor is unique, it’s a bit too strong and easily overpowers the brew. Very similar to a fruit tea. Akin to hibiscus flavored beers.

Remix IPA: Very smooth, almost creamy texture. Pleasant hop profile. Bitter, but not overpowering. Citrusy and a bit floral. Very easy to drink. Lasting bitterness muted by a little sweetness from the malt. Notes of grapefruit. Malt has a caramel quality.

Sea to Sea Lager: Crisp, bright flavor. Notes of biscuit. Well carbonated.

Soul style: Deliciously tropical, with a near perfect balance of malt to give the fruit character a hand in competing with the bitter hops. Highly aromatic, and hoppy, this beer is a go-to for summertime brews.

West Coast IPA: Strong, very bitter, heavier body with a very resin forward hop profile. Fading bitterness on the back palate. Very similar to a grassy or herbal character, or strong bitter grapefruit peel. While having an intense flavor, the beer is smooth and not harsh. Classic example of a resiny Double IPA.

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew

For more information go to: Green Flash Brew


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