GSN Review: Gold Bar 889 Blended Whiskey

Gold Bar is an American made blended whiskey aged in a blend of new charred American oak and finished in ex-French oak Cabernet wine casks from the Napa Valley. The distillery itself is located on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. The mash bill is 88% corn, 9% rye, 3% barley (from whence comes the 889, although it should be 8893). Interestingly, the distillery is housed inside of a defunct naval prison.

The bottle certainly makes a statement on the back bar.  It is shaped to look like a gold bar with a solid brass coin laid into the glass (the coin can be removed). The inspiration for the coin came from Gold Bar Whiskey President Elliott Gillespie’s grandmother who always baked a coin into the family’s New Year’s Eve cake. The family member to find the coin in their slice of cake would have good luck for the coming year.  As well, each bottle is individually numbered.

Gold Bar 889 Blended Whiskey (80 proof)
Visual: Deep gold.
Nose: Easy-going, rich, enveloping nose of lightly sweet corn distillate rounded off with a hint of grape must.
Taste: Mellow and smooth. A hint of vanilla, more caramel and a note of wine on the back palate.
Finish: Medium-long with the Cabernet leaving a lasting impression of richness.
Overall: A very nice and agreeable whiskey. It has become a quick favorite at the GSN offices. We’ll be flipping the coin to see who gets to keep the bottle.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Gold Bar Whiskey


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