GSN Review: Powers Three Swallow Irish Whiskey

Recently, Powers Irish Whiskey announced the stateside debut of its latest expression, Powers Three Swallow a  whiskey crafted to replicate what the original Powers tasted like back in the days of its original John’s Lane distillery. Distilled at the Irish Distillers famed Midleton Distillery in County Cork Ireland, Powers Three Swallow is a representation of the traditional Single Pot Still style. Crafted from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, then triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills, Three Swallow is then matured in American bourbon barrels before finishing in aged sherry casks.

The name Three Swallow is deeply engrained in Powers’ history and has several meanings, two of which are held dear to the brand and its storied heritage. At the original John’s Lane Distillery, the Power family coaches were stabled and each sent out with three coachmen. On long journeys these men would bring a small flask of Powers whiskey on their rides, with just enough liquid to give each man a good swallow, but not enough to interfere with his job. In addition, the migration of the Irish Swallow signifies the beginning of the distillation season in Ireland, and Powers has historically used two or three swallows to signify the age, quality, and purity of their Pot Still products. Over time, because of the high quality across their entire portfolio, all Powers whiskey came to bear these iconic swallows.

Powers Three Swallow (86.4 proof)
Visual: Medium gold.
Nose: Light, slight malty sweetness entwined with a fair amount of barrel wood.
Taste: Round and sweet, wonderful malty heft. An almost chewy richness headed by a caramel punch. Warm, welcoming and very, very Irish.
Finish: Medium long, with a slight tinge of oak at the end.
Overall: No lie, we have always been impressed by the Powers line, and this most recent expression is a headliner. A new favorite here at the GSN offices. Sláinte!
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Powers Whiskey

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