What’s Brewing: Flying Embers Organic Hard Kombucha

Flying Embers, adaptogenic organic hard kombucha, recently launched its fermented alcohol (4.5% ABV) beverage line. Flying Embers is now available with its innovative brews: Ancient Berry, Lemon Orchard, and Ginger & Oak. The Organic Hard Kombucha features live probiotic cultures, botanical adaptogens, and functional wellness benefits. Each brew is vegan, gluten-free and certified organic.

Served locally throughout Southern California, the brews are now available statewide in 22 oz bottles, 16 oz cans, and consumer-friendly kegs at mainstream and naturals grocery — including Whole Foods, Safeway, Erewhon, Berkeley Bowl, Bristol Farms, and Mothers Market.

“Flying Embers is the culmination of my passion and knowledge of twenty plus years of fermentation and creating better-for-you beverages,” said Flying Embers Founder Bill Moses. “I could not be more excited to bring forth a new and functional way to experience kombucha.”

“We are thrilled for Flying Embers to join our portfolio of brands,” said Tom Reyes, President of Reyes Beverage Group. “Their unique craftsmanship and commitment to organic, premium products offer a new experience for kombucha and alcohol drinkers in the Southern California market. Our sales and distribution service will allow Flying Embers to grow its range of availability across its existing and future product portfolio.”

Three flavors are available including Ginger & Oak, Lemon Orchard and Ancient Berry. Each of them are tart, refreshing and just boozy enough to help you relax. Our favorite was the Ginger & Oak which had a nice and easy burn, paired with a curious Sarsaparilla flavor. These all make for a great beverage on their own, but you can certainly add some vodka, gin or rum for an extra kick. Kudos to Flying Embers for being the first on the market with what will undoubtedly be THE alcohol trend for 2019.

GSN Rating: A

For more information go to Flying Embers

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