GSN Review: Apologue Liqueurs

Apologue crafts their liqueurs from entirely natural ingredients. Apologue’s liqueurs each feature unique, regional ingredients. Initial expressions include Aronia Berry, Celery Root and Persimmon. Produced out of Soltis Family Distillery on the South Side, Apologue leverages a unique set of experienced palates and makers to bring something new and unexpected to the cocktail scene. More savory than sweet, expressions include Aronia Berry, Celery Root and Persimmon. The liqueurs are sweetened with organic cane sugar and feature full ingredient transparency right on the label, spotlighting the fruits, roots, herbs and barks in each bottle.

Apologue founders Robby Haynes, Jordan Tepper and Ziyad Asrar are shifting the paradigm for what liqueur can be with their new line of palate-provoking, spirited liqueurs. Violet Hour alum Robby has quietly influenced food and beverage culture in Chicago for the past ten years, developing Letherbee Distillers’ industry favorite BËSK and opening Logan Square’s critic-favorite Analogue (RIP). Complementing Robby’s vision, Jordan utilizes his background in food and beverage consulting to cultivate local supplier and grower relationships and lead community engagement. Ziyad’s experience running bar programs such as La Sirena Clandestina coupled with his background in music makes him well suited for his role overseeing programming, cultural events and sales.

GSN did not receive a sample of the Aronia Berry liqueur.

Apologue Celery Root (37% abv)
Visual: Citrine.
Nose: Quite herbal and dry with a sweet overtone. In some ways it has a wormwood and bison grass scent, and yet neither ingredient is used in the potpourri.
Taste: Pleasantly sweetened with the spices and herbs adding a soft touch the overall effect. Very much akin to a bitter amaro. In spite of a plethora of ingredients, none of them stand out as a key player. A very well done blend indeed.
Finish: Medium long with the sweet hanging on for some time.
Overall: If you enjoy herbal lozenges, this will not disappoint. A fantastic additional to your bartending arsenal, this will add a new essence to savory cocktails.
GSN Rating: A

Apologue Persimmon (27% abv)
Visual: Ruby
Nose: Spiced fruit in the same vein as a wine poached pear. Darker and tangier than the Apologue Celery.
Taste: The citrus comes through in a gentle way, but with an entirely dry and slightly bitter quality. The sweetness softens the blow, but is not overpowering. A fruity bitter amaro.
Finish: Long, with more of the root quality overlaying the sweet base, leaving a digestif flavor.
Overall: Another excellent bitter liqueur that will work with just about any spirit you can throw at it. Really good.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Apologue Liqueurs

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