GSN Review: Baltimore Spirits Epoch Straight Rye

Straight Rye whiskey has returned home to Baltimore, Maryland, one of the cradles of American distilling. Open top wooden fermented, copper pot distilled, geothermal cooling and made with a massive amount of rye malt, this spirit is a completely unique expression in the genre. Epoch Rye can be found in the distillery during one of their scheduled Epoch releases.

Baltimore Spirits Epoch Straight Rye (100 proof)
Visual: Dark gold.
Nose: Defined rye spice bomb. Grain forward with a hearty bite of oak and char.
Taste: Bam! Spice right out of the gate with a strong punch to the palate. There’s a subtle hint of burnt caramel as well which sweetens it up just enough.
Finish: Long, dry and memorable. Self-assured.
Overall: This is a great rye for a Sazerac as the flavor profile works so well with absinthe. Try this in a Manhattan as well, but be cautious due to the higher proof which might overwhelm if the ratio is unbalanced.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Baltimore Spirits Co.

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