GSN Review: Stolen X Rock & Rye

Stolen Spirits, known for creating the world’s first smoked rum and award-winning 11 year-old single-grain whiskey, recently announced the launch of Stolen X, the newest member of the Stolen family of craft spirits.

Based on a pre-prohibition spirit known as “Rock & Rye”, Stolen X is made with straight American rye whiskey, blended with organic raw honey and real orange peel. The aged rye whiskey and all-natural ingredients create a smooth and perfectly balanced flavor profile similar to that of an Old fashioned. At 80 proof, the whiskey stands out with subtle notes of honey and citrus that bring a smooth finish. Stolen X is perfect as a shot or can be enjoyed over ice.

“Humans have been drinking horrible shots since the discovery of fermentation,” said Marc Bushala, CEO of Spirits Investment Partnership. “There has not been much evolution from the swill that we hoisted in college to what people are shooting today. I don’t really recall why we did shots of a certain herbaceous concoction that looks and tastes like shoe polish, but I remember that we drank a lot of it. The main difference with the popular shot brands today is the use of artificial flavors and sweeteners to make bad booze more palatable – we think that people will love great rye whiskey blended with all natural ingredients that actually tastes good.”

Stolen X Rock & Rye (80 proof)
Visual: Medium-light gold.
Nose: Instant rye spice quickly followed by orange peel and a more subtle honey scent. This smells like a warm summer’s eve in a glass.
Taste: I like the balance of orange to rye here. It isn’t so much sweet as it adds a bitter tinge to the flavor, almost in the way that a true bitters might. Just the right amount of sweetness as well from the honey, which only adds to the allure of the rye.
Finish: Long with a flavor similar to what you might find after imbibing a well crafted Old Fashioned.
Overall: Despite being 40% ABV, this goes down smooth right out of the bottle. It tastes great at room temperature, and even better served with a large cube of ice in a rocks glass. A cocktail on its own.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: This Is Stolen

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