GSN Review: Black Tears Spiced Rum

Black Tears, the first ever Dry Spiced Rum from Cuba is crafted with Cuban Rum and infused with spices native to the island — coffee, cacao, and aji dulce (sweet chili pepper). Based on a silver dry rum, its “bittersweet” taste is connected also to the brand story and the Cuban love song “Lagrimas Negras” which means Black Tears. According to local legend, a young woman sobbed Black Tears of Sorrow into a vat of rum, giving it an otherworldly taste.

“The world is full of “sweet” rums and it is time for something new. We can’t wait to launch Black Tears and activate it with our partners” says Adele Robberstad, CEO of The Island Rum Company. The Island Rum Company is an international start-up company that co-owns Vigia, a traditional Cuban rum brand and the mother brand of Black Tears and the premium brand La Progresiva. Vigia shares its roots back to the days of Ernest Hemingway, a man that was in love with Cuban rum.

Black Tears Spiced Rum (80 proof)
Visual: Dark Brown.
Nose: Hefty vanilla aroma, coffee bean, bittersweet chocolate and baking spice layered over a rich aged rum character.
Taste: Dry and very lightly sweet with a prickly warmth on the tongue. The blend of coffee and cacao bring this a very dry and unsweetened flavor. The peppery warmth adds a new layer that is somewhat reminiscent of black pepper or ginger.
Finish: Long and quite piquant.
Overall: A unique and eminently accessible rum for cocktails and most especially tiki-styled libations. We at the GSN offices voted this as the best new rum of 2019.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Black Tears

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