GSN Review: Tanteo Tequilas

Tanteo’s tequilas, coming from the southeast of the Jalisco, Mexico lowlands and just west of the Jalisco highlands, focus heavily on a variety of pepper infused tequilas, carving a unique niche in the field.

Tanteo won one of four best new tequilas in 2017 with their habanero tequila and is their original 100% agave spicy tequila. Tanteo infuses artisanal blanco tequila with fresh picked peppers by hand. The result is an award-winning artisanal tequila in a class of its own.  The use of peppers is a strong part of both their flavor and marketing as even the bottle of jalapeno tequila is inspired by the pepper itself.

While most tequila distilleries have been traditionally overseen by a few wealthy patriarchal Mexicans, Tanteo uses a cooperative distillery in the town of Juanacatlan employing mostly women (currently 80% of the work force including the management) with a goal of making a positive impact on their community.  The Tanteo distillery moved into what was formerly a denim factory that had closed, bringing jobs back to an area that was hit with economic loss.

Tanteo Blanco
Visual: Clear, as to be expected from a blanco.
Nose: A cooked agave front, with a cool lightness afterward.
Taste: A heady beginning with definite notes of agave and an earthy tonality.
Finish: A simple and smooth finish.
GSN Rating: B+

Tanteo Chipotle
Visual: A mid-tone yellow, not far off from the color of a reposado.
Nose: A mellow tone with a hint of smoked peppers.
Taste: Initially the kick of alcohol hits your palette and then quickly washes into the chipotle pepper flavor.
Finish: A smooth finish, with the burn of chipotle on your lips.
Personal notes: Peppered tequilas can be a dangerous game for some as some distilleries may rely on pepper oils which bring heat to the tequila but little flavor.  After tasting Tanteo’s Chipotle, I definitely got the impression that the whole smoked pepper soaks in the tequila before going through a final filtering which brings a more fun experience to a flavored tequila.  I would actually recommend this straight up, it’s not necessary to use it in a mixed drink but that would work fine as well.
GSN Rating: A+

Tanteo Jalapeno
Visual: Clear with a faint greenish undertone seen in the bottle but imperceptible in the glass.
Nose: A fresh jalapeno scent, as if you’ve cut one in half and added it to the glass.
Taste: The jalapeno taste is strong with this one, smell and flavor wise more so than the chipotle but less spicy.
Finish: A soft warming afterword.
Personal notes: While fine to sip, this tequila would make the perfect margarita or any tequila drink where one would want the flavor of fresh jalapeno in the drink.
GSN Rating: A

Tanteo Habanero
Visual: Clear.
Nose: The habanero is virtually imperceivable.
Taste: Initially, you’ll experience the blanco but once the haberno essence hits, it’ll take a quick 90° turn into a peppery and warming sensation.
Finish: A cool burn.
Personal notes: If you want more hot bite and less pepper flavor than the jalapeno then this is an ideal tequila.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Tanteo Tequila

Review by Travis Owens for Good Spirits News

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