GSN Review: Crafthouse Cocktails

Crafthouse Cocktails recently added three new cocktails to its portfolio (Pineapple Daiquiri, Rum Old Fashioned and Smoky Margarita) along with a fresh new look and a new aluminum bottle, furthering access for consumers. Crafthouse Cocktails can be found nationwide in high profile locations including the Ambassador Theatre Group (AGT), the largest theater group in the world, several arenas, quick serve restaurants, and in an increasing number of liquor stores.

Lifelong food and beverage professionals and colleagues since 1999, Matt Lindner and Charles Joly collaborated to create Crafthouse Cocktails. Lindner developed innovative food and beverage programs and creative venue designs resulting in exceptional guest experiences, winning venue of the year from Bar and Nightclub Magazine. Joly, the only American to hold the title of Diageo World Class Global Champion, believes that a cocktail should be perfectly balanced using real, all-natural ingredients and quality spirits, ideally without any fuss for the consumer.

“My partners and I believe that every ready-to-drink cocktails should be made using natural, premium ingredients to produce an authentic, high-quality cocktail experience, just as you’d have from your favorite bartender. We use quality ingredients like Plantation Rums and Bittered Sling bitters – the same ingredients you would find behind a bar – to make a true, bottled cocktail,” said Lindner. “Now, we’re bringing this same approach to even more people and destinations thanks to the innovative design of our new aluminum bottles.”

The bottle’s unique interior coating preserves the freshness and flavor of the cocktail. The bottle top also has an oxygen scavenger, a special seal that preserves the integrity of the pre-mixed cocktail. The smaller bottle size, containing two servings, and light vessel makes each of the Crafthouse Cocktails more portable for mountain adventures, beach parties and anywhere the larger, glass bottles are not practical. Continuing Crafthouse’s commitment to community and environment, the aluminum bottles are easy to pack in, pack out, and recycle without sacrificing flavor or ingredient integrity.

Moscow Mule (10.1% ABV) Tart at first, then a wave of ginger heat hits you and stays for the duration. The carbonation is just right too.

Paloma (12.5% ABV) The tequila comes through beautifully, with a very dry and bitter grapefruit flavor. Quite refreshing and great for Negroni lovers.

Southside (15.4% ABV) The mint beckons on the nose, but is soft and not in the least bitter on the palate. The gin is very mild and plays a submissive role to the mint and citrus. I’d like to see a touch more juniper here.

Gold Rush (17.5% ABV) This one is a bit too tart for my taste. Most of what I get is lemon. I’d add some more honey syrup to balance it out. But, that being said, it is a true bourbon sour.

Pineapple Daiquiri (17.5% ABV) The pineapple rum is sublime and perfectly balanced with the citrus. Keeping things tied together and giving a bitter tinge, the aromatic bitters are a surprising, yet perfect choice.

Rum Old Fashioned (29% ABV) Really nice a balanced with a pronounced chocolate flavor from the bitters. I could drink this one every day.

GSN did not receive a sample of Crafthouse Cocktails’ Smoky Margarita

For more information go to: Crafthouse Cocktails

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