GSN Review: Ethyl Ambrosia Vegan Dessert Shots

Ethyl Ambrosia recently launched a premium line of boozy vegan dessert shots perfect for gift giving or a unique libation at any gathering including holiday parties, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or even tailgating.

The name “Ethyl Ambrosia” comes from the German word Ethyl: a radical group of atoms found in alcohol, and Ambrosia: meaning “food of the gods” in Greek mythology. The most innovative part of these shots is the patent-pending, Instagram worthy packaging. These shots come in sophisticated, ready-to-serve mini stemware cups that completely change the way anyone will take a gel shot again. No longer do you have to use your finger to get the gel out, because the cups allow the user to twist the stem to unlock, then push up to easily consume the gel with no mess.

Each shot contains 15% alcohol and is derived from a wine base, which means that these shots can be shipped directly to your door. There are currently seven flavors available for customers to choose from, with more exciting flavors in the works. Current flavors include Rosé, Mojito, Moscow Mule, and four colors of Citrus Punch (green, orange, blue and red). Ethyl Ambrosia’s boxes include 20 gel dessert shots, and flavors can be mixed and matched within the box however you see fit.

The GSN staff tried these at our annual holiday office party and everyone agreed that the best flavors were the Mojito and the Rosé. One thing that comes through in each flavor is a very strong flavor of alcohol, which overwhelmed the citrus punch and seemed at odds with the Moscow Mule. That being said, the cups themselves were classy and fun and added a festive touch to the gathering.

GSN Rating: B-

For more information go to: Ethyl Ambrosia

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