GSN Review: Porter’s Huckleberry Liqueur

Porter Rockwell was a notorious character in the early history of the The Church of Latter-day Saints and the settlement of Utah. As a bodyguard for Joseph Smith and Brigham Young as well as being deputy marshal of Salt Lake City, Rockwell was known for heavy-handed enforcement and the killing of many men. Rockwell, along with his fellow early settlers, was also known to drink the area’s Valley Tan Whiskey.

In 1851, along with his brother Merritt, Rockwell laid claim to land in Utah’s “Famous Fruit Way” near Brigham City, Utah adjacent to what is now known as Porter Spring. Today, the Fruit Way is not-so-slowly disappearing to development.

“While they never made improvements to the land, we’d like to think that the fruits from that land would have blended nicely with that whiskey Rockwell was known to drink,” managing partner Steve Conlin explains regarding the product’s development.

Porter’s Huckleberry combines Canadian whiskey, huckleberry, cinnamon and vanilla.

Porter’s Huckleberry Liqueur (66.6 proof)
Visual: Light peach-tan.
Nose: High notes of berry with a touch of cinnamon overlaying a whisper thin oaken whiskey base.
Taste: Quite fruity and sweet. Dark berry flavor hits immediately, while the heat from the cinnamon comes out a short while later. The whiskey really is the blank canvas on which everything lies.
Finish: Slightly bitter, but a lingering berry chewing gum-like flavor wins out. At the very tail end, there is a finish reminiscent of a candy apple.
Overall: I had hoped that the whiskey would be more supportive here, but overall the flavors are natural and appealing.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Ogden’s Own

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