GSN Review: Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits

The sober curious movement is gaining traction across the globe as drinkers are seeking alcohol-free alternatives to classic spirits. Enter the “impossibly crafted” Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits, a range of 13 alcohol-free spirits. The collection includes American Malt, Dry London Spirit, Coffee Originale, Amaretti, Italian Orange, Absinthe, Orange Sec, Aperitif Rosso, Aperitif Dry, and a Dark, White, and Spiced Cane Spirit.

Named after the lyrebird, an Australian breed known for its ability to mimic any sound, the Lyre’s range includes over 12,500 extracts, all-natural essences, and distillates, each product serves as a building block to recreate classic cocktails in an alcohol-free manner. A proprietary mix of high-quality local and imported fruits, spices, and botanicals make up each flavor with no artificial sweeteners.

“Lyre’s is a brand for social animals and mindful drinkers who do not want to sacrifice their commitment to personal lifestyle choices,” says Lyre’s Co-Founder and CEO Mark Livings. “Using only Lyre’s, you can enjoy classic cocktails like a Negroni or Sazerac, more elevated drinks like an Espresso Martini or Daiquiri, or simple mixed drinks like a Gin & Tonic or Cuba Libre with the addition of necessary soft beverages. Our expansive product line prevents bartenders from having to improvise when recreating non-alcoholic versions of cocktails, whether classic or their own creations. Through transformative, alcohol-free cocktails that maintain familiar tastes, Lyre’s gives you the solution and freedom to enjoy your drink, your way.”

Lyre’s bottles have a touch of whimsy by picturing a menagerie of anthropomorphic mascots created to personify each product. The art-deco inspired bottles feature an animal native to each spirit’s country of origin, hand drawn by London-based stencil artist Joe White.

GSN was sent the following two bottles, which when used with a few dashes of aromatic bitters and a maraschino cherry, make the classic Manhattan.

Lyre’s American Malt (0 proof)
Visual: Medium light brown.
Nose: Wood essence with a light molasses tinge. To our mind, it is more akin to a light amaro than a whiskey.
Taste: Extremely light mouthfeel with a caramel and spicy ginger character. A smokiness comes through towards the end as if it has been suffused with a touch of liquid smoke.
Finish: The lighter notes fade away quickly, leaving a retention of the spicy heat which goes on for several minutes.
Overall: Certainly unlike any whisk(e)y I’ve ever had, and I’m not sure that it succeeds well standing on its own. However, when mixed with the Aperitif Rosso, the blend worked quite well as a cocktail.
GSN Rating: B

Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso (0 proof)
Visual: Medium brown.
Nose: Slight cinnamon, musty grape, mango and dark floral notes.
Taste: Medium sweet with a natural wine-like character. A soft burnt note tempers the fruitiness and adds just the right touch of bitterness.
Finish: Short with grape character being the stand out flavor.
Overall: Very close to an Italian sweet vermouth. Easily drinkable on its own, but also perfect in the Manhattan we made using Fee’s non-alcoholic aromatic bitters.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Lyres

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