GSN Review: Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whiskey

“Have the courage of your convictions,” was a saying that Virginia Distillery Co.’s founder, Dr. George G. Moore, often repeated to friends and family. His credo became the core principle and the name of their newly released American Single Malt.

An enthusiastic collector of single malt whiskies, Moore had dreamed of establishing a world-class distillery in America – particularly in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. In 2011, after many years of building successful businesses in both the U.S. and Ireland, he finally had the chance to combine his two passions when he started Virginia Distillery Company.

Today, George’s wife, Angela Moore and their son, Gareth Moore, along with his wife, Maggie Moore, have taken the helm to continue building George’s dream.

The first batch of Courage & Conviction, released on April 4, 2020, is dedicated to Dr. George G. Moore. Courage & Conviction features three core barrel types:

  • Bourbon casks: These barrels formerly held Kentucky bourbon from well-known distilleries. Aging in American oak bourbon casks add notes of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, oak, smoke and cinnamon.
  • Sherry casks:  The distillery uses Sherry cask types, including Fino, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez. These casks give the whisky notes of tart cherry, golden raisin, fig, caramelized plum, brown sugar and spice.
  • Cuvée casks:  This innovative barrel is sourced from premium European red wine producers. After the wine is removed, the cask is broken down, the interior shaved, re-toasted and re-charred, and then put back together again. The re-toasting and re-charring of the cask energizes the wood sugars and brings forward barrel spice, bright red fruit and toasted pecan.

Courage & Conviction (92 proof)
Visual: Medium dark gold.
Nose: Sherry right out of the gate. Followed by a softer fruit nose. All of this supported by a vibrant and cheery woody, vanilla bean and caramel blend. Quite mouth watering.
Taste: A rich and complex flavor profile that is at times ethereal, and at others down to earth. The bourbon flavor is most prevalent, but the extra addition of sherry and Cuvée barrel aging brings a lighter and more fruity character to the greater whole.
Finish: Long and with some light caramel notes with staying power.
Overall: This has been our new favorite in the GSN offices. The spirits coming out of the Virginia Distillery Co. have been stellar, and this one is no exception. Very rich, flavorful and balanced to the nth degree. Really a fine whiskey and one that serves us well in this time where could use some courage and conviction in our lives.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Va Distillery

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