GSN Review: California Falernum

Geijer Spirits, in partnership with Coastal Spirits starts by crafting a Jamaican-style rum from scratch, which is then carefully blended with select spices and citrus ingredients. This proprietary spice blend includes allspice, almond, ginger and lime. Together with the aromatic and flavorful rum base, the result is a spicy, tropical flavor trip that honors Falernum’s Caribbean origins while adding a California craft component to the spirit.

Geijer Spirits is a San Francisco-based beverage company producing hand-crafted spirits under the “California” brand. The company currently produces California Falernum, California Fernet, California Amaro, California Aqua Vitae, California Orange Liqueur, California Spiced Liqueur and California Glögg Liqueur.

California Falernum (60 proof)
Visual: Light yellow.
Nose: Lime greets the nose first, then a funky almond scent comes into play. Below these is a slight fresh ginger softly percolating throughout.
Taste: Lighter and more sweet than I was expecting at first, it quickly opens into a nutty spice bomb. The almond flavor is subdued and never overwhelms, while the ginger heat is quite apparent. On the palate, the lime seems to be in hiding.
Finish: Long, warming and sweet with a slight bitterness.
Overall: Completely different from other Falernums we’ve tried, this is still quite interesting. Give it a try in your next Corn n’ Oil cocktail and see what you think.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Geijer Spirits

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