GSN Review: Two Chicks Sparkling Cocktails

Two Chicks introduces three new sparkling cocktails to their existing line-up: Sparkling Vodka CuTea, Sparkling New Fashioned and Sparkling Apple Gimlet. Each is a real cocktail, spirit-based with natural essences of fruit and botanicals, all natural and low alcohol.

Founded, owned and run by women, Two Chicks wants to inspire people to connect over cocktails, celebrate inclusivity and champion positive energy. According to CEO Linda Cash, “Consumers are loving our Sparkling Paloma, Sparkling Citrus Margarita and Sparkling Vodka Fizz and have been asking for a Gimlet, Old Fashioned and peach cocktail. We have spent months perfecting our new premium crafted cocktails and are thrilled to begin to get the product on the shelf.”

Sparkling Vodka CuTea – Vodka with Peach, Cucumber Tea & Thyme:
Sparkling New Fashioned – Whiskey, Spicy Ginger & Orange:
Sparkling Apple Gimlet – Gin, Apple & Cucumber:
Sparkling Paloma – Tequila with Grapefruit:
Sparkling Citrus Margarita – Tequila with Lemon & Lime:
Sparkling Vodka Fizz – Vodka with Elderflower & Pear:

All Two Chicks Cocktails are gluten free, low alcohol (5%) and less than 100 calories per serving. The slim line 12 oz. can features intricate prints of botanicals held within hearts, bringing a new level of design to a ready-to-drink cocktail.

GSN’s Thoughts: These are all easy drinking spritzers, leaning towards the sweeter side of the spectrum. We particularly enjoyed the New Fashioned and the Paloma and Margarita cocktails. They work well straight out of the can, poured into a glass or served with ice (our preference). Our office did remark on how eye catching the cans were, and a few remarked that they would be perfect for a bridal shower or some such gathering. Overall, these are a fine summery addition to the canned cocktail world. GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Two Chicks Cocktails

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