GSN Review: Bacardi RTD Canned Cocktails

Bacardi rolled out Real Rum Cocktails last month, continuing the growing trend of canned cocktails. Using Bacardi Superior Rum, cane sugar, natural juices and no artificial sweeteners, the collection includes flavors such as Lime & Soda, Rum Punch, and Limon & Lemonade. The line as a whole makes a beverage option that can be served in different ways so that anyone can enjoy them. (5.9% ABV.)

Bacardi Lime & Soda: Bright notes of citrus blend with the carbonated soda and create a bright and crisp drink. The lime and soda overpower the sweetness of the rum which leaves the drink lacking. Try mixing the drink with a squeeze of fresh cut lime or lightly muddled mint to brighten the cocktail. GSN Rating: C+

Bacardi Limon & Lemonade: A great fusion of crisp, tart and sweet. The cocktail itself feels a tad concentrated, so adding a bit of seltzer and ice will round out the drink nicely. A perfect drink for sitting in the shade while reading a good book. GSN Rating: B- 

Bacardi Rum Punch: The blend of pineapple, mango, and orange are a great escape from the heat of the summer sun. The flavor is balanced perfectly, the natural sweetness of the juice pairs well with the sugar cane and flavor of the Superior Rum. A great option for a warm evening libation. GSN Rating: B

GSN’s Thoughts: The Real Rum Cocktails collection is a worthwhile addition to the thriving ready-to-drink trend. The line includes options for anyone looking for a bright and fun summer aperitif, and a way to modify each cocktail by adding seltzer, fresh fruit or herbs. The flavors are available for sale in four-packs which makes them easy to share with friends and family.

For more information go to: Bacardi

Review by Autumn Ellen Rose for Good Spirits News

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