GSN Review: Miru Vodka & Rex Whiskey

Miru is a vodka made from Pacific Cascades spring water and grain, distilled multiple times. Originating from an old wives tale about the Saurian goddess of the sea and inspired by female dominance and divine stature, each bottle of Miru features the goddess form, signifying the beauty of the bottles and the power of the drinks. Miru also is available in a pear flavored version. Rex Rye Whiskey is aged in charred Bordeaux wine barrels.

In September 2020, their parent company Royalty Spirits will host the first ever Women In Business Expo with registered women vendors from across the county, introducing women-owned brands to new opportunities, enhancing consumer awareness and igniting a movement towards women-owned companies. The Women In Business Expo will not only celebrate the bounty of women creators, but also facilitate long-lasting business relationships.

GSN’s Thoughts: Miru Vodka is very straightforward with a smooth entry and a mineral/rainwater character. There is no sweetness or bitterness. Miru Pear Vodka has an intense pear flavor, but seems more like a natural flavoring than a natural pear flavor. This would be best in a mixed drink. Rex Whiskey is light, smooth and has a slight molasses character. The Bordeaux cask aging adds a level of char that intensifies the offering. Again, more of a mixer than a straight sipper.

GSN Ratings:

Miru Vodka B
Miru Pear Vodka C+
Rex Whiskey B-

For more information go to: Miru Vodka and Rex Whiskey

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