GSN Review: Flying Embers Sweet & Heat and Fruit & Flora Hard Seltzer Collections

Flying Embers is a hand-crafted, hard beverage brand based in Ventura, California that develops botanical brews with functional benefits. With a commitment to innovation, Flying Embers’ products are low in sugar, carbs and calories, while also featuring such attributes as live probiotics, adaptogens and USDA certified organic ingredients . A proud supporter of its community, Flying Embers donates a portion of revenue to firefighters and first responder charitable organizations. Flying Embers was founded in 2017 by beverage entrepreneur Bill Moses, former CEO of Kevita sparkling probiotics. Today, Flying Embers has two tap rooms in Los Angeles and Boston, and its products are sold in 40 states across the U.S.

“Since we began our Embers journey, we have never stopped exploring and being inspired by unique flavor combinations rooted in ancient brews from cultures around the world, searching for functional botanicals, and experimenting with different fermentation techniques. This is all fueled by our non-stop quest to craft the best tasting, most refreshing, better-for-you adult beverages in the world. With our new ability to connect with fans on our website, social club & breweries we can finally offer small-batch releases direct to our customers,” explains Co-Founder Beryl Jacobson.

This summer Flying Embers will release the world’s first probiotic hard seltzer in two themed lineups.

Sweet & Heat Collection 5% abv
Watermelon Chili
Pineapple Cayenne
Guava Jalapeno

Fruit & Flora Collection 5% abv
Clementine Hibiscus
Passionfruit Elderberry
Black Cherry Rose

GSN’s Thoughts: Flavored hard seltzers are the hottest drinking trend in 2020 and show no signs of slowing down. Given that though, most of them are simple flavors of citrus or berry. Flying Embers has ramped up the variety and flavors to 11 with some extremely tasty flavor combinations. Our favorites are the Watermelon Chili and Pineapple Cayenne, along with the Clementine Hibiscus and Passionfruit Elderberry. By combining these flavors, the seltzers are more interesting, memorable and refreshing. We also appreciate the low abv, which make these very sessionable. These are perfect for your next party, picnic, BBQ or even after a hard day at the home office.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Flying Embers

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