GSN Review: Alizé Mango

Alizé has been around since 1984, and their lineup of ready-to-drink Passion Fruit liqueurs have been an easy pick for a sweet and fruity summertime beverage. Their new Mango liqueur, which is blended with premium French Vodka, is a welcome addition to their growing portfolio. With other flavors such as Peach, Apple, and Cranberry, Alizé offers its customers a wide variety of cocktail options. Whether you try it neat or mix it in a cocktail, this is a delightful drink served either way.

Alizé Mango (16% ABV)
Color: Bright orange, with a caramel undertone.
Nose: Strong mango scent with a touch of vanilla.
Taste/Finish: Rich, sweet and fruity much like a ripe mango, which blends nicely with the subtle notes of vanilla. A full-bodied and vibrant finish, with a hint of honey.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Kobrand Wine and Spirits

Review by Autumn Ellen Rose for GSN

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