GSN Review: La Adelita Tequila

La Adelita’s history began in 1885, when the descendants of Don Antonio Faustino de Aceves y Casillas built Hacienda La Capillla. Don Antonio Aceves, better known as “Amo Aceves” was the founder of Capilla de Guadalupe, a town that got its name from the town chapel, built in honor of the “Virgin of Guadalupe”. The town rests under the shade of the Cerro Gordo, in the heart of Jalisco, providing excellent conditions for the growing of agave, such as moderate climate and volcanic ground. Don Antonio’s descendants took advantage of the local agave farming and formally started the company Hacienda la Capilla S.A. de C.V. in 1993. Since then, the growing of agave has been its core business. La Adelita is a partnership bringing a renowned award winning vintner together with a generational family and visionaries in Mexico to create a 100% estate grown agave farming program.

Hacienda La Capilla Distillery is located in the highlands of Los Altos. Their single-estate agave plantation, sits at an altitude of 7,290 feet, and the deep red soil type is rich in iron, potassium, nitrogen and calcium. The plantations are located in the golden triangle area of the Los Altos region, SE of Guadalajara, in the heart of Los Altos. The area is known for growing some of the best agave in the world. The region is delimited by the cities of Arandas, Tepatitlan and Atotonilco in Jalisco state.

La Adelita Blanco Tequila (80 proof)
Appearance: Clear.
Aroma: Fresh agave with a peppery, vegetal nose. Quite rich and leaning heavily towards vanilla.
Taste: Quite light and smooth with that vanilla coming through almost at once. A round, near creamy mouthfeel with a warming and somewhat reticent agave flavor.
Finish: Medium long, and sweet with mild cinnamon notes.
Overall: A great blanco tequila that will work beautifully in cocktails. Clean, mild and yet full of flavor. A winner.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: La Adelita Tequila

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