GSN Review: Still Austin Straight Bourbon

Still Austin Whiskey Co., a straight bourbon whiskey featuring grains that are 100% grown by Texas farmers. The bourbon is handmade from grain-to-glass at the distillery, aged for at least two years in new charred American Oak barrels, and bottled at 98.4 proof (49.2% ABV). It’s comprised of a mash bill of 70% Non-GMO white corn (the same found in Austin’s tortillas), 25% Elbon rye (which imparts a natural spice) and 5% wildfire malted barley.

“We started Still Austin Whiskey Co. because we saw an opportunity to create our own kind of distillery where we do everything intentionally. This bourbon is an expression of true Texas terroir, but also the distillation of all we are, and of all that has created us. We’ve managed to bottle the inclusive spirit of our home city; a complex bourbon with substance, flair, and finesse”, said Chris Seals, CEO.

The Still Austin distillery includes a 42-foot custom-made column, “Nancy,” (and her sister copper-pot still, “The Queen”) which give the distillers serious creative license to create unique new flavors and spirits. The team also uses Texas weather to its advantage. The region’s high heat, humidity and rapidly shifting temperatures encourage spirits to move rapidly in and out of the oak barrels and mature relatively quickly—but, if this process is left unchecked, it can also cause the bourbon to have heavy oak flavor or harsh tannic qualities. To prevent this, Still Austin uses a meticulous six-month slow water reduction technique focused on flavor and balance, which gives the alcohol a softness on the palate and brings more “mature” notes, like vanilla and caramel, to the forefront.

For the label, Still Austin commissioned internationally acclaimed artist and native Texan Marc Burckhardt to paint a series of portraits of “archetypical” Austinites. Each provides a sense of the people who have influenced and inspired the team, while paying homage to the Texas terroir. The figure on the new label dubbed “the Musician,” is the first in the series, which will grace the labels of future spirits. These are visual representations of archetypes, a way of conceiving a “new Austin mythology” by celebrating the innovative people who make the city what it is. The Musician was a natural place to start since Austin is “The Live Music Capital of the World.” The Musician—along with future archetypes like the Naturalist, the Writer, the Visionary, and the Artist—illustrates the fearlessness needed to become truly unique.

Still Austin Straight Bourbon (98.4 proof)
Appearance: Medium-dark copper.
Aroma: Sweet, spicy, woody. These are all what you would hope for a bourbon nose. But, there is also a sense of walking into a pâtisserie. Delicious, dessert-like aromas greet you, drawing you in for a delightful excursion into the world of straight whiskey.
Taste: Incredibly, for a whiskey that has only aged for two years, this tastes like an 8-10 year old. Lots of body, a well proportioned balance of sweet corn, spicy rye and the connecting essence of barley. The whole spirit is a flavor bomb that just keeps getting better.
Finish: One of the longest fades we’ve ever tasted. It’s as if you just had a ginger cake with a cinnamon bourbon sauce.
Overall: We are really impressed with this spirit and would not be surprised to see it garner dozens of awards over the years.
GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: Still Austin

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