GSN Review: Goodwood 2 Live Brew Double IPA

Goodwood’s 2 Live Brew DIPA can be summed up in one word. Bold. From the initial pour, one may find themselves simply admiring the beer in the glass. It’s a dark brown translucent beer topped with a thick white foamy head that needs to be held up to the light to see the color.

There is a strong hop aroma, slightly floral, which does little to prepare you for the flavor. It’s bold. Very hop forward, the first sip can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. Very bitter, highly hoppy, the beer has a long lasting bitterness that remains after you finish your first sip. It slowly balances out to a slightly dry malty sweetness which makes you want to quaff. However, this DIPA is definitely fit for a sip session. It has a higher ABV at 8.2%, but is doesn’t come off as boozy, which is a pleasant surprise considering the alcohol content.

This is a perfect beer to enjoy with the coming cold weather, as it does feel warming. Goodwood certainly knows their way around balancing such a potent flavor. It’s very bitter, and each sip reminds you of how much they have packed into this beer, but yet it remains balanced with the malt. Once you acclimate to the intense resin and dank hop character, it begins to smooth itself out and overall is a very enjoyable experience. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Goodwood Beer

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew for Good Spirits News

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