GSN Review: Freeland Spirits French 75

Freeland Spirits, an Oregon craft distillery owned and operated by women, recently introduced its newest RTD cocktail: the Freeland French 75. Made with Freeland Gin, Chehalem unoaked INOX Chardonnay, lemon juice and bubbles, with notes of fresh mint and candied lemon peel.

“With people looking for fun and easy ways to socialize over cocktails, high-quality ready-made cocktails in cans have a fresh new appeal,” said Freeland Spirits founder Jill Kuehler. “We had fun creating our French 75 with our friends at Chehalem Winery. Winemakers Katie Santora and Melissa Burr helped us create a delicious and fizzy cocktail using our own Freeland craft gin and Chehalem’s delicious Chardonnay.”

Freeland French 75 cans are 15.5% ABV and are available in four 250ml cans (8.4 ounces each).

GSN’s Thoughts: It’s an interesting take on a venerable cocktail. It has some of the same elements that you would expect if you ordered a craft cocktail at a bar that knows what they’re doing but it veers off in a slightly more soda-like direction. The first taste was unexpectedly wine-like with the Chardonnay overpowering the gin flavor. We would like to have seen an actual sparkling wine used in its place. It was noted that the Freeland French 75 tasted best served absolutely ice cold. Pop a can in the freezer for abut 10-15 minutes and then serve in a chilled glass. GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Freeland Spirits

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