GSN Review: Callisto California Dry Botanical Rum

Callisto Rum, a botanical rum inspired by the spirit of California, recently launched online, serving over 30 states. 

Originally from Bermuda, Callisto founder Giles Templeman grew up surrounded by the rum and hospitality industries. He spent his summers working in local hotels, and once he was of age, bartending for tourists. “I understood rum to be a versatile drink to be enjoyed anytime,” says Templeman, “but I realized that not all Americans understand rum that way. The common view of rum in the US is that it’s either spiced for cooler seasons, or something to be enjoyed in vacation cocktails. So I set out to do something different.”

While earning his MBA in California at UC Berkeley, Templeman was inspired to create a new kind of rum, one that honors the traditions and history of the centuries-old Caribbean spirit, while being fresh and distinctly Californian. “Californians are so bold and innovative, and the state has such diverse geography. That’s what inspired me to create Callisto. Like California, rum isn’t just one thing. It doesn’t have to be just the vacation cocktail, it can be your go-to spirit for any classic cocktail–we especially love it in a negroni.”

By infusing the rum blend with local botanicals, Callisto captures the essence of California’s great outdoors in every sip. Its blend of lightly aged rums is infused with a unique mix of Californian flowers, herbs, seeds, roots, and bark.

Callisto California Dry Botanical Rum (80 proof)
Appearance: Clear.
Aroma: The familiar sweetness of rum is present, but there is a floral and somewhat gin-like quality as well. It’s smells like spring.
Taste: Dry, spicy and akin to an unsweetened spiced rum. There is quite a broad palette of flavors, all of which have a fresh and lively flavor.
Finish: Quite long, with a dry and somewhat spicy fade.
Overall: Quite unique amongst rums. We recommend this in place of gin, as well as using it as a adjunct in tiki-style libations. Well worth a try.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Callisto Spirits

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