GSN Review: Fundador Light

Fundador Light, an innovative Brandy-based spirit from Jerez, Spain, made its US debut earlier this autumn in partnership with importer, Gonzalez Byass USA. Produced from carefully selected wines to achieve a top quality eau-de-vie, Fundador Light undergoes a double but independent aging process through the traditional solera and criadera systems with a blend from two different soleras.

“We are excited to add this new expression at 28% alcohol by volume, which will appeal to both our current Fundador consumers and a new generation looking for a lighter option to traditional Spanish Brandies.”, says Nicolas Bertino, CEO and Country Manager, Gonzalez Byass USA.

Fundador, or ‘founder’ in Spanish, was the first brand to be marketed as a Brandy de Jerez.  Today, it is Spain’s largest export brandy and is currently the category leader in the Philippines.

Fundador Light (28% ABV)
Appearance: Medium brown.
Aroma: Light solera funk.
Taste: Very light entry, as if watered down. Yet, the flavor comes through and after several seconds there is a burst of brandy and cask flavor. A slight bitterness offsets the inherent sweetness.
Finish: Medium short, with a touch of caramel.
Overall: Easy going, pleasant, and a spirit that works well with tapas or charcuterie.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Gonzalez Byass

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