GSN Review: Cool Cat Wine Spritzers

Cool Cat, a new line of low-calorie wine spritzers, recently launched its first two flavors: Original (Elderflower Mint Lime) and Citrus. These naturally flavored spritzers feature a base of California pinot grigio, cane sugar and are naturally gluten free. At 6.9% ABV they contain just 150 calories and two carbohydrates per 12-ounce can.

“As a minority business owner, it’s essential that we’re inclusive of all genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations, and bring together like-minded individuals who share similar values and experiences.” says Co-founder and CEO Rocco Venneri.

Cool Cat can be enjoyed right out of the can, poured over ice or used as a mixer in cocktails.

Cool Cat Wine Spritzers (6.9% ABV)
GSN’s Thoughts: These are particularly refreshing after a long day, kind of like the year we’ve had. Both spritzers are lightly flavored, with the Original having a more intriguing flavor profile. The citrus is more straightforward, but also makes for a mimosa-like alternative for brunch. Overall, the wine flavor is solid and neither flavor leans toward the sweet end of the spectrum. We recommend these for those who are fatigued of alcoholic seltzers. Cheers!
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Drink Cool Cat

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