GSN Review: Tanduay Double Rum

Tanduay recently released a Double Rum, a blend of rums aged for 16 and 5 years, and married in an ex-bourbon barrel for two years. It is produced in small batches with a minimum run of only 5,000 bottles per production. It is a “sipping rum”, according to the Tanduay company.

The Tanduay distillery was originally formed in 1858. At that time, it was making Palm Wine before deciding to get into the sugar cane industry. Over the years the brand expanded and has become a favorite spirit for Filipinos.

Tanduay Double Rum (80 proof)
Appearance: Dark amber.
Aroma: Sweet, oaky, and slightly smoky. Notes of coconut, vanilla bean, and pipe tobacco.
Taste: Sweet, rich, dark and decadent. Really, this is like dessert in a glass. The body is heavy and enticing.
Finish: Long, with some woody notes caressing the sweet tonality of the whole.
Overall: Very well done. Try this in a Dark & Stormy and see what you think. But, make sure to savor a snifter straight up or on a single rock as well. You won’t be disappointed.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Tanduay

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